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  I was born in the Anhui Province in 1991, and I have been practicing Wushu since the age of 7. As a young child, I was very frail, and I had to go to the clinic for injections almost every week. My poor health greatly concerned my parents, but they didn’t know how to help me. One day, I saw a Kung Fu movie on TV, and I instantly fell in love with martial arts. After that encounter, I pestered my parents every day, pleading them to send me to a martial arts school. Unfortunately, there were no martial arts schools in my hometown, and my parents feared that my poor physical condition would get in the way of my practice. Although I was fully aware of the difficulties that lay ahead if I were to pursue the path of becoming a martial artist, I was determined to prove to my parents that I was capable of practicing. Every day after school, I would rush home to learn whatever I could from the movies, and that made my love for martial arts grow even stronger with every passing day.

During one of my grandfather’s visits, he noticed how much I loved martial arts. He pulled me aside and told me that there was a martial arts school near where he lived. I could barely contain my excitement, and my parents understood that this could be a valuable opportunity for me. My father walked up to me and asked me if I truly loved martial arts. I responded, “Yes. I want to be a martial artist, just like the ones in the movies, with my own individual style”. His father looked into my eyes, nodding, and told me to remember these words and chase after my dreams.

My martial arts journey began in the Zhong Hua Zhi Ge School of Martial Arts. Although I thought that I was prepared to work as hard as I needed to in order to learn the moves that I saw in the movies, I quickly realized that waking up every day at 5 AM to drill basics was far less interesting than I had anticipated. Moreover, I was only allowed to see my parents for three days a month, and this proved to be very difficult for me, considering my young age. I quickly realized that I no longer wanted to practice martial arts anymore. When my father asked me why, I told him of how much I missed home and of all the difficulties I had experienced in the past months. He told me that turning a dream into reality is never easy, but if I truly loved martial arts, I should pursue it to the very end with every last ounce of effort. With my head hung low, he put his hand on my shoulder and asked me if I still remembered what I had told him before leaving home. I looked into his eyes and nodded, “I am going to become a martial artist, and I will establish my own unique style!” I exclaimed. 

From that moment on, my career as a martial artist had officially begun. Due to my outstanding achievements in martial arts, I was selected to train under the coach of the Anhui Province Wushu Team, Bai Yan Xia. As one of the top martial arts athletes in 1974, she had travelled to the United States to perform on various accounts with Jet Li, and I had learned so much from her. After years of hard work and training, I too competed and performed in China and the US. 

First place in the 2005 Fu Yang City National Wushu Invitational Men's Group B Chang Quan
Second Place in the 10th Fu Yang City Games Men's Group B Chang Quan 
Third Place in the 10th Fu Yang City Games Men's all-around competition
Second Place in the 2008 Anhui Province Wushu Gym School Competition, Men's Group A Chang Quan
First place in the 2008 Anhui Province Wushu Gym School Competition Men's Group A Weapons
Invited by the Pittsburgh Chinese Association to participate in the Chinese New Year Gala performance. In December 2008. 
Studied at Fu Yang Normal University, majoring in traditional national sports from 2008 to 2012
Served as a referee for the Wushu competition in the 11th Fu Yang Games in 2012
Served as the head coach of the Zhong Hua Zhi Ge wu school team in 2012
Served as the head coach of Pittsburgh Win Win Kung Fu in the U.S. and started teaching martial arts from 2015 to 2017

In 2017, I moved to Austin. At the time, I worked various jobs, but I never lost sight of the importance of martial arts, and I continued to practice and train whenever I could get the chance. In 2018, I taught at the UT Collegiate Wushu club, and in 2019, I established Jing Wu Wu Guan. 2022 the school's name change to Jing Wu Kung Fu Academy.

Through the continuous practice of martial arts, I have also gained a stronger understanding about the importance of virtues. Not only has it physically strengthened me, but it has also cultivated my character and tempered my will. It allowed me to have an independent and strong heart, and it has turned me into a martial artist with strength and virtue. I hope that by continuing to practice martial arts, I will not only fulfill my dreams, but also have the ability to share my love for it to the rest of the world. 

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