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My 7 year old boy is starting his Chinese martial art with Coach Jing Wu since he is 6 years old (group lessons, online lessons and private lessons). It’s a great learning journey with Coach Jing. I see my son has a great improvement for his physically strength and mentally, even with the online lessons by Coach Jing during the pandemic. Coach Jing make sure the kids have the right pasture and perform the movement correctly and safety. It’s also a great enjoyment to see Coach Jing martial arts performance and lessons. He know Kung Fu and been doing it since he was 8 years old. He also know how to encourage the kids and bring up their internal strength, it’s an enlightenment during this quarantine at home.

My younger son is so inspired by his big brother’s Kung Fu and starting to follow up the martial art journey. I’m glad our family find the best Kung Fu teacher in town, and thank you Coach Jing Wu for the continues positive influence to my kids.

Jing Wu lao Shi is the best and most dedicated Kung Fu teacher. I have been learning with him for more than a year. I really love studying Kung Fu with him because he is a fun and he also pushes us to do our best. When teaching, he pays close attention to us and is very detail-oriented, and helps us achieve perfection. He really helps me learn and practice Kung Fu to the best of my ability. I am lucky to be studying Kung Fu from Jing Wu lao Shi and will continue to learn from him for many more years.


My two boys have been learning Kung Fu with Mr. Wu for several years. I can’t say enough how good Mr. Wu is. The kids absolutely love him and look forward to his lesson every time. Mr. Wu is very patient, good with kids and makes the learning lots of fun. My older boy was not very flexible while my little one’s agility needed to be improved. Mr. Wu designed lessons based on their strengths and weaknesses and gave them lots of encouragements. I already see a huge improvement in them, more flexibility, agility, and better speed and endurance, and they became a lot more confident on themselves. Practicing Kung Fu also help them do better in other sports, like soccer and swimming. I am so glad to have Mr. Wu in Austin. 


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