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Summer camp

This Summer Camp exercise body Strong and training mind Stronger. We're doing Positive, Energy, Manner, Teamwork. No Pain No Gain! Work hard and Play Happy!


For children aged 6-8, combining martial arts with outdoor experiences is a highly enriching and enjoyable teaching method. Through practicing martial arts outdoors, children not only get to appreciate the beauty of nature but also engage in physical exercise in different environments, fostering resilience and adaptability.

It is meaningful to provide children with a basic understanding of Chinese traditional martial arts and culture, helping them develop respect and interest in this tradition. Additionally, by encouraging children to participate in outdoor activities, you are not only cultivating their physical fitness but also instilling positive habits of regular exercise.

Building upon this foundation, fostering in children an appreciation for the joy of movement and cultivating the motivation to persist in exercise is also crucial. This will contribute to instilling a positive attitude towards physical health.

For children aged 9-14, emphasizing the development of respect, communication skills, as well as self-motivation and planning abilities is crucial. This age range marks a period when children begin to shape their personalities and independence. Through the challenges and exercises provided in the camp, they can learn valuable interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities.

Teaching respect and effective communication is vital for establishing positive group dynamics and teamwork. Additionally, encouraging children to be self-motivated and strategically complete the challenges of the camp helps cultivate their leadership and responsibility.

This comprehensive teaching approach not only focuses on physical exercise but also prioritizes the holistic development of individuals, providing children with deeper opportunities for learning and growth.

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